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Buy our variants of Raw and Ripe pu-erh teas, include cake,brick and Puer tuo cha. Low caffeine level. Good choice for weight loss.

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Teapot & Cups Set

Use the best teaware to brewing a good cup of tea for relax.

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Lapsang Souchong Tea

from $19.99/250g

Buds set was hand-picked in order to guarantee its quality.

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Green Tea

Well selected famous Chinese Green teas like longjing,Biluochun,Anji White tea,etc. All harvest in early 2022.

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Black Tea

New and fresh in 2022!

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White tea

from $8.99 per 50g All full buds needle.

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Herbal Tea

Well selected new harvest Osmanthus | Mint | Rose | Chamomile | Lotus | Jasmine tea in 2022

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Glass & Ceremic Teapot

Use High borosilicate glass and ceremic teapot to brew your tea, more healthy!

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Why buy Chinese Tea in Our Store?

TEASBAY ™ is a Chinese local brand that only focuses on the best quality Chinese teas. We select all kinds of green teas, black teas, oolong teas, and Pu-erh teas to take a trial and review. Only the best flavor and fragrance teas can be remarked with TEASBAY's trademark and sold online. "Select the best tea and make a cup of good tea" is our goal forever.

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Chinese Tea Culture

It is widely known in China that tea culture is a nation of etiquette. In addition to combining the rituals of making, appreciating, smelling, drinking, and tasting tea with the cultural connotations and etiquette of China, tea culture has a spiritual connotation. There was also a ritual component to ancient Chinese appointments and separations. In the long history of development, etiquette, as the moral norm and living standard of Chinese society, has played an important role in the cultivation of the spiritual quality of the Han nationality; At the same time, with the change and development of society, etiquette is constantly endowed with new content, and it is integrated with some habits and forms in Chinese life, forming various cultural phenomena with Chinese characteristics. Tea culture is representative of traditional culture in China. China is not only one of the origins of tea but also has a variety of tea-drinking habits and customs in different ethnic groups and regions of China.

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John Smith

Good taste & Fast delivery

has purchased a Mei Tan Cui Ya green tea

Always buy Chinese tea here, good taste, high quality but not expensive compare with others. Fast delivery makes me not waste too much more time to enjoy. Thanks Leo.

John Smith

Annie Le

Low cost high quality teas

has purchased a Rose Flower Herbal Tea

I like herbal teas especially with dried Rose buds which makes women healthy and beautiful. I recommend this store because I bought low cost and premium quality rose buds teas several times, better than shops nearby.

Annie Le

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How To Make Chinese Tea

Life is like tea, bitter before sweet. Be happy with what you have, resist impetuosity, and accept the challenges in the world. As things settle down around us and the threads of life are sorted out, we will find that the first half of life has taught us to laugh at prosperity and refocus. Tea is life, and happiness will return. As things settle down around us and the threads of life are sorted out, we will find that the first half of life has taught us to laugh at prosperity and refocus. Tea is life, and happiness will return. Take a sip of warm, sweet, and bitter tea!

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High Quality Raw & Ripe Pu-erh Tea

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Excellent quality Yixing Clay Teapot

Yixing teapots are intended for puer, black, and oolong teas. They can also be used for green or white teas; however, the heat retention characteristics of Yixing make the brewing process extremely difficult;


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