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Does Green Tea Have Caffeine And What Are The Benefits

Does Green Tea Have Caffeine And What Are The Benefits

Green tea, celebrated for its earthy flavors and potential health benefits, is a beloved beverage around the world. Yet, a common question lingers in the minds of many tea enthusiasts and health-conscious individuals: “Does green tea have caffeine?” In our quest to understand this intriguing aspect of green tea, we’ll delve into its caffeine content, […]

Can I Drink Green Tea When It Changes Color?

Can I Drink Green Tea When It Changes color

Green tea is the tea with the strongest sense of existence among the 6 tea categories, has many lovers, and is also the tea variety with the largest number of drinkers. Green tea, pay attention to fresh, fresh, and refreshing, therefore, there is tea before the Ming Dynasty, spring tea, rain tea, and more tea before […]

Fuding White Tea Benefits in Autumn: Embrace the ‘Autumn Tiger’ Season

Drink More Fuding white tea In The Autumn Tiger Season

During meteorological discussions, the term “Autumn Tiger” denotes a weather pattern characterized by temperatures soaring above 35 ℃. This weather phenomenon emerges shortly after a heatwave recedes, typically following the peak of summer and lasting until the onset of the summer solar term. This annual occurrence, spanning about 7 to 15 days, precisely coincides with […]

Aging White Tea Characteristics: Exploring Changes Over the Years


White tea, classified among the 6 tea categories, is uniquely captivating due to its simplicity in production. Crafted from the withering, drying, and careful plucking of fresh leaves from local tea plants, white tea boasts a timeless quality that sets it apart. In the world of white tea, you’ll encounter both new and aged varieties, […]

How to Classify Fujian Oolong Tea Types? What Are The Characteristics?

ATTACHMENT DETAILS How-to-classify-Fujian-oolong-tea

Oolong tea is a kind of tea peculiar to China. It originated from Fujian and spread abroad, forming three major producing areas Fujian, Guangdong, and Taiwan, accounting for more than 98% of the total output of Oolong tea in China. Among them, Fujian oolong tea is the largest production area. This article introduces the classification, representative products, […]

How to Choose the Right Water For Tea Making?


When choosing water for tea making, we must understand the relationship between the hardness of water and the quality of tea soup. Natural water can be hard water or soft water. Where there is a large amount of calcium, and magnesium ions in water known as hard water. Water that is insoluble or contains only a […]

What kind of Pu-erh tea can be called “Royal Pu-erh”


When Pu’er tea was introduced to the Imperial Palace in the Tang Dynasty, it won the favor of the royal nobles. In 1732 AD, Pu’er tea was officially included in the list of tribute tea. Did the palace Pu’er tea still exist when it was offered to the emperor in the Qing Dynasty? Pu’er ripe […]

Can I Drink Tea In The Evening And What Tea Is Better?

What tea is better to drink in the evening

Dinner is very important for people who are busy all day. But in the evening, some people may also have social intercourse, have rich food, and a heavy burden on the stomach and intestines; If there is tobacco and alcohol, then the liver and lungs will suffer. At night, drinking tea rich in polyphenols can promote […]

Yellow Tea Review: Understanding its characteristics and types

Yellow tea-Understanding its characteristics and types

Yellow tea is a lightly fermented tea, one of the six tea categories. During its production, green is killed, rolled, dull yellow is applied, and it is finally dried. Due to its “stuffy yellow” technology, it has the “three yellows” quality of dry yellow tea, golden tea, apricot yellow soup color, and tender yellow leaf […]

Who should drink Yunnan Dianhong black tea?

Who should drink Yunnan Dianhong black tea

Yunnan Dianhong tea belongs to the black tea category, which has a mild taste, a pleasant aroma, and a mild aroma. It can be consumed by women or people who are afraid of the cold. Secondly, it can improve the mental attention of sleepy people, the mentally ill, and working overtime. As an example, people who […]