What are The Benefits of Drinking Spring Tea?


Spring tea is nourished in winter and is rich in substances such as amino acids and tea polyphenols. Drinking spring tea can supplement nutrients and microelements, eliminate daily life pressure and fatigue, and help maintain physical vitality. Its fresh and sweet taste can produce saliva and quench thirst, eliminate spring depression, and promote metabolism, leading to a delightful mood.

What are The Benefits of Drinking Spring Tea?

Here are the specific benefits of drinking spring tea

  1. Rich in Nutrients

Spring tea has a high nutritional value due to its winter storage. It contains minerals, amino acids, tea polyphenols, and other active substances in higher concentrations than summer or autumn tea. Drinking this tea can help fight fatigue and improve muscle endurance. Tea polyphenols and their oxides can also protect cells from radiation damage.

What are The Benefits of Drinking Spring Tea?
  1. Meets the Body’s Needs in Spring

Spring is the season when yang qi rises, and metabolism begins to flourish. Spring tea meets the body’s need to “save the acid and increase the sweetness and nourish the temper.” Proper drinking helps the human body exhale the old absorb the new and adopt the true qi. Additionally, it has color, fragrance, and taste, giving people a pleasant feeling of stretching, and contributing to the ancient wisdom of health care.

What are The Benefits of Drinking Spring Tea?
  1. Lasting Aroma

The aroma of tea is determined by the substances it contains. Tea contains more than 700 aroma substances, including alcohol, aldehyde, ketone, vinegar, nitrogen, and more. These aroma substances are volatile, unstable, and susceptible to reactions, such as oxidation and gene transfer, which can alter the aroma of tea. In the early spring, when the temperature is low and the environment is good for preserving aroma substances, the aroma is the most appealing.

What are The Benefits of Drinking Spring Tea?
  1. Fresh Taste

Tea polyphenols, amino acids, and other substances determine the taste of tea. Spring tea contains high amounts of amino acids, which impart a fresh and pleasant taste. Its taste is incomparable to tea in other seasons.

What are The Benefits of Drinking Spring Tea?

In conclusion, drinking spring tea offers many benefits. It provides a fresh and natural flavor, supplements the trace elements needed by the body, and helps maintain daily bodily needs. Additionally, it can relieve spring sleepiness, quench thirst, and eliminate fatigue.

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