The Benefits of Not Washing Green Tea


When it comes to making green tea, there is often debate over whether or not to wash the leaves before brewing. While some may argue that washing helps remove impurities, the truth is that green tea doesn’t actually require washing. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Low brewing resistance: Green tea is not fermented and can be brewed up to three times without washing. So, there’s no need to waste time and flavor by washing it.

  2. High tenderness: Green tea is made from high-quality raw materials, often including tender buds and leaves. Washing the tea can cause a loss of flavor and aroma, and prevent you from tasting the true essence of the tea.

  3. Easy to separate out: Green tea is rich in materials and separates quickly. Washing it can lead to a loss of aroma and taste.

So, how should you make green tea? Simply pour hot water over the leaves and wait for the tea to cool slightly. After about three minutes, the tea can be consumed for up to three cups. The nutrients and flavors will be preserved without the need for washing.

The Benefits of Not Washing Green Tea

Of course, there are some exceptions to this rule. For example, old or coarse tea leaves may benefit from a quick wash before brewing. Additionally, in some formal occasions, washing tea can be a sign of respect for the guests.

The Benefits of Not Washing Green Tea

In conclusion, there is no need to wash green tea as it doesn’t have impurities or dust due to high hygienic standards in the production process. Therefore, washing can lead to the loss of nutrients and aroma of the tea, and it’s not recommended for high-quality green tea, especially Mingqian tea which emphasizes freshness.

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