All About Taiping Houkui You Should Know

All About Taiping Houkui You Should Know

Taiping Houkui is one of the most famous tea in Chinese history.

Taiping Houkui is a kind of green tea. It is produced in Taiping County (now Huangshan District, Huangshan City) of Anhui Province. It is the best tea. In 1912, Taiping tea merchants selected top buds tea from Houkeng and sent it to Nanjing Nanyang Industry Association and the Ministry of Agriculture and Commerce for tea grade evaluation, and won the first prize.

All about taiping houkui you should know

Later, in 1915, he was selected by the Taiping Chamber of Commerce to win a gold medal at the Panama world exposition in the United States and enjoyed a long-standing reputation.

It has a straight, straight, flat head.

All about taiping houkui you should know

 Where is the authentic origin of Taiping Houkui

It is produced in the Xinming area of Huangshan District (formerly Taiping County) at the northern foot of Huangshan City, Anhui Province. It is characterized by low temperature, high humidity, fertile soil, and fog. The main production areas are located in Houkeng, Hougang, and Yanjia in Sanmen village, Xinming township.

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All about taiping houkui you should know

 Identification of Taiping Houkui

The picking time of Taiping Houkui is different from that before the Qingming Festival of traditional green tea, but it is picked in the rainy season. The principle of "eight don't" should be abided by when picking, that is, no picking without buds, no picking with too large leaves, no picking with too small leaves, no picking with thin and weak leaves, no picking with bending, no picking with light color, no picking with purple bud leaves, and no picking with pest leaves.

Picking, picking, and shaping must be done on the same day.

All about taiping houkui you should know

Using ordinary peripheral tea to make fake Taiping Houkui, its manufacturing technology is the same as Taiping Houkui, and its appearance is similar to Taiping Houkui. We can distinguish Taiping Houkui and surrounding ordinary tea from the following three aspects.

1. Taiping monkey is flat and straight, bulky and strong. It has two leaves and one bud. The leaf length is 5-7 cm.

All about taiping houkui you should know

2. After brewing, the buds and leaves become plump, just like the white orchid in the bud.

3. It is more resistant to brewing than ordinary green tea, with orchid fragrance, high and lasting fragrance.

All about taiping houkui you should know

Taiping Houkui is more resistant to brewing than general green tea, brewing 3-4 times and aroma is the top grade.

The best Taiping monkey Kui is brewed in a cup. The buds and leaves grow into flowers or hang or sink. The shadow of the leaves and the light of the water make each other interesting; Brewing 3-4 times, the taste is not reduced, and the orchid fragrance still exists. If you brew 3-4 times an orchid fragrance, it means that you are the best Taiping Houkui.

All about taiping houkui you should know

 Is Taiping Houkui trained monkeys to pick

There is a legend about Taiping Houkui: Taiping Houkui was originally a wild tea growing on the cliff, which was difficult to pick. So people trained monkeys to pick it. Later, people found that this kind of tea is very good to drink after brewing, which can be called the first of the tea, so the tea was named Houkui.

Note: Taiping Houkui was founded by tea farmer Wang Kui Cheng in the Guangxu period of the Qing Dynasty. It was produced in Houkeng village with the best quality, so it was called Houkui.

All about taiping houkui you should know

 What does Taiping Houkui's "two knives and one gun" mean

The two tea shoots are not flat, but two are straight.

Taste its taste, delicate fragrance, mellow and refreshing, endless aftertaste.

All about taiping houkui you should know

 Quality characteristics of Taiping Houkui

Dry tea

Flat and straight, majestic and strong, two leaves holding a bud, even; The color of the leaves is green and even, the veins are green and reddish, and the white hairs are hidden; The buds and leaves are plump.

Gruel of millet flour and sugar

Green and clear


The fragrance is high and refreshing, with an obvious orchid fragrance


After drinking, there is a faint fragrance of orchids left between the lips and teeth.

Leaf base

It is tender, fat, and strong, and it is yellow-green and bright.

All about taiping houkui you should know

 Notes on brewing Taiping Houkui

Pour boiling water at about 90 degrees centigrade. Don't fill it up for the first time. It's almost half done. Wait for the tea to unfold slowly;

When the tea is about to stretch, add the second boiled water, wait for a few minutes, and when the temperature of the tea soup is almost the same, you can drink it. When tasting drinks, do not drink them all at once, leaving about one-third of them for later brewing.


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