History & Culture of Dark Tea You Should Know

The history of dark tea  

During Qin and Han Dynasties  

The earliest s of dark tea is of qin and Han dynasties river black tea, the main characteristic of this kind of tea is shapes sizes and flat in a thin sheet, the black tea originated from Anhua. we will act QuJiang Town, flakes/transmission canal river’s black tea is made for zhang Liang, so they are called “zhang Liang” thin slice, the Han dynasty period of black tea according to Anhua. we will act county annals mainly black tea chip, is a real chip.  

Hunan Dark Tea
Hunan Dark Tea

During Tang and Song Dynasties  

Tang and Song dynasties, dark tea mainly comes from Sichuan province, Hunan province, is can be traced in the tang and song dynasties tea horse trading early (Zhen Yuan period, about 785-804), the first tea horse trading mainly green tea, tea is mainly distributed in ya ‘an, Sichuan and Shaanxi Hanzhong, dark tea is mainly produced in Hunan Anhua.In 2009, Anhua was selected by China World Record Association as the earliest dark tea producer in China.  

During Jiajing period of Ming Dynasty

As early as the word “dark tea mainly traced back to the period of the three years Jiajing of the Ming dynasty” annals of Gansu “, “annals of Gansu” clear about tea fermentation characteristics and production technology.

Dark Tea Leaves
Dark Tea Leaves

The source of dark tea

Dark tea belongs to post-fermented tea, which is a unique tea in China. It has been used as daily necessities exclusively controlled by the government for a long time in history, and it is specially sold in the frontier, plateau, and pastoral areas of China.

Sichuan dark tea originated in Sichuan province, its age can be traced back to the Tang and Song Dynasties in the early tea horse trade. Tea horse-trading began from green tea, the tea horse trading center for ya ‘an,Sichuan and Shaanxi Hanzhong, starting from ya ‘an people and start carrying, finally arrived in Tibet at least 2 ~ 3 months away. At that time, because there is no shade shelter from tools, teas often get wet on rainy days. when the weather is fine and being dried, the dry, wet process of mutual change make the tea under the action of microorganisms caused the fermentation, The quality of the tea is completely different from the time of shipment, so the “dark tea is formed on horseback” argument is reasonable, for a long time, people in the primary system or refining process to add a piling process, so the production of dark tea.

Dark tea in China’s Yunnan, Hunan, Shanxi, Guangxi, Sichuan, and other places have processing production. Dark tea products are generally able to be preserved for a long time and have the quality of the older and more fragrant. Dark tea has a long history, Anhua is the cradle of the world tea king, Anhua dark tea, is known as the “world tea King”.

Introduction of dark tea

To learn a little about dark tea should all know that dark tea has a long history in China, it’s one of the top 6 tea in China. Only dark tea produce golden flower (the scientific name for the coronoid process mulberry sac fungi flora), golden flower in the fermentation process.

The old saying goes “tea mountain cloud mass and water sweet spring frost, when the soul” rather than three days without food, not a day without tea, dark tea, is the day materials.

hand-made tea contains less terrier, good blade integrity, brick tea appearance is neat, the traditional manual build system, convenient take tea, a golden flower even, with adequate tea stalk, regulate humidity, tea is conducive to golden flower growth and late tea, Full of bacteria fragrant golden flower, granular distribution uniformity, sweetly charming, the golden flower is a kind of very beneficial to a human body of probiotics entrance and smooth Sweet no acerbity,

The dark tea has luxuriant golden flowers, dry tea fragrance, clear tea soup, mellow taste, clean tea bottom without impurities, very fragrant and comfortable taste.

Dark Tea

Classification of dark tea

Dark tea brick

Dark tea brick is pressed tea which is made of black wool tea, old green tea, Zhuang Zhuang tea, and other tea suitable for the production as raw materials, brick, or other shapes of tea processed through the typical process of stacking, steaming, pressing and so on. Most varieties of pressed tea are coarse and old, the color of dry tea is black and brown, and the color of the soup is clear yellow or clear red. Pressed tea can be divided into the following types:

Fu Brick tea, first appeared in 1860 and was called lake tea at the earliest. It was processed in the dog days of summer, so it was also called Fu Tea, and as the raw materials were sent to Jingyang for making, it was also called Jingyang brick. At present, fu Brick tea is mainly processed and made in yiyang and Linxiang tea factories in Hunan province.

Black brick tea, originated in 1939, was produced in Baishaxi, Anhua, Hunan province. Black brick tea is called “Guzi old Anhua black brick” in the Lanzhou market because the brick surface uses convex character film. It mainly sells Gansu, Ningxia, Qinghai, Xinjiang, and other provinces and regions, with Lanzhou as the distribution center.

Hubei black tea, with a natural aroma not found in other ordinary dark tea and Pu ‘er tea, is originally produced in Yanglou Cave, Chibi City, Hubei Province, with a history of more than 200 years.

Loose dark tea

Loose dark tea can be divided into the following types:

Tianjian, Tianjian tea is made of the first class of raw dark tea. It showed dark color, aroma fragrance, soup orange-yellow, yellow leaf bottom.

Gongjian, Gongjian tea is made of secondary raw dark tea. It showed black with brown color, pure aroma, soup color slightly orange-yellow, yellow with dark leaves.

Sheng Jian, sheng Jian tea is made of three-grade raw dark tea. It showed a dark brown color, light fragrance, with burnt incense, dark brown soup color, black-brown coarse old leaves.

the best loose dark tea tian jian
Tian Jian, the best loose dark tea

Functions of dark tea

Dark tea has the functions of quenching thirst, resisting radiation, fighting cancer, preventing cancer, helping to sober up, promoting digestion, losing weight, delaying aging, and lowering cholesterol. Can enhance the acuity of brain central nervous activity, improve thinking ability, fall blood pressure, restrain arteriosclerosis, and so on.

Old dark tea in the process of storage, microbial experience generation, and metabolism, produced a series of small molecules active substances not well-known, the secondary metabolites, the material forming process is slow, and chemical properties of instability, only keep the original natural conditions had a special effect to the human body, it has to do with one thousand Ganoderma lucidum has the same effect inefficiency. Anhua people mostly have this kind of experience, drinking aged dark tea to treat gastroenteric disease effect can be said to be “medicine to disease”.

The main components of dark tea soup are theaflavins and theaflavins. The results show that theaflavins are not only an effective free radical scavancer and antioxidant, but also have various physiological functions such as anti-cancer, anti-mutation, antibacterial and antiviral, improving and treating cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and treating diabetes. The main functional components of dark tea are tea complex polysaccharide compounds, which are considered by the medical community to regulate glucose metabolism in the body (prevention and treatment of diabetes), reduce blood lipids and blood pressure, fight blood coagulation, thrombosis and improve the body’s immune capacity. Clinical trials have proved that these special functions of dark tea are significant and cannot be replaced by other teas. Dark tea can inhibit the accumulation of fat in the lower abdomen. Speaking of fat, people can think of abdomen first immediately adipose, and black tea is right all the time adipose of deputy ministry increase have an apparent effect.

Dark tea is also a low caffeine healthy drink (high raw material maturity, baking, and other factors), compared with cola and other tea, dark tea does not affect sleep, can be drunk all day long, insist on drinking every day the effect is very good.

Health benefits of dark tea

1.Reduce fat and lose weight

Obesity is a series of disorders of eating regulation and energy metabolism caused by specific biochemical factors. A series of diseases caused by obesity has become the main killer of human health. The tea polyphenols and their oxidation products in dark tea can dissolve fat and promote the excretion of lipid substances, thus reducing the content of total cholesterol, free cholesterol, low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, and triglyceride in the blood, thus reducing the cholesterol deposition on the arterial wall and reducing the incidence of arteriosis. Can also activate protein kinase, accelerate the decomposition of fat, reduce the body fat content. In human trials, the scientists found that people who drank tea consumed an average of 67eal more energy per day and had a 12 percent higher rate of fat oxidation than those who drank plain water. This proves that dark tea does reduce fat and loss weight.

2. Enhance gastrointestinal function, improve the body immunity

The effective ingredients of dark tea can not only inhibit the growth of harmful microorganisms in the human intestines and stomach but also promote the growth and reproduction of beneficial bacteria (such as lactic acid bacteria), which has a good function of regulating gastrointestinal function. Alkaloids can promote the secretion of gastric juice, and flavanols can significantly enhance gastrointestinal peristalsis. The study also found that the catechin compounds in black tea and tea saponin on oral bacteria, spiral bacteria, escherichia coli, typhoid and paratyphoid coli, staphylococcus aureus, and other bacterial pathogens kill and inhibition of plant growth, thus has significant stagflation, check leakage, eliminate constipation, white-collar workers, for the work of often sit plays an important role, and folk check the medicine of the drain, Theanine in dark tea has a good function of enhancing human immunity.

3. Anti-aging, regulating brain nerve effect

The natural aging process of the human body has a common occurrence with degenerative diseases such as tumors and cardiovascular diseases, that is, cells are damaged by oxidative radicals. More than 95% of free radicals in the human body are oxygen free radicals, which are the basis of damaging biological macromolecules and participating in the occurrence and development of various diseases as well as aging. Under normal circumstances, the human body is constantly produced free radicals, also constantly cleared, in equilibrium. But in some cases, free radical production and clearance are out of balance, resulting in protein denaturation, reduced enzyme activity, and other hazards, resulting in various diseases and accelerated aging. Catechins and complex flavonoids in dark tea have very active hydroxyl hydrogen, which can provide a large number of hydrogen protons to react with free radicals and remove excess free radicals, thus protecting human health and longevity.

4.Reduce blood pressure and blood sugar

The theanine in black tea can have the effect of inhibiting blood pressure, and alkaloids and flavonoids substances have made relaxation of blood vessels increase the effective diameter of blood vessels, through making vasodilatation and blood pressure drop, diabetes is one of the elderly health killers in the modern, and, with the improvement of people’s living standard and the aging of the population, the incidence of diabetes increased gradually. So far, diabetes is still an incurable disease, mainly controlled by drugs and diet. “Research has shown that the tea polysaccharide has the obvious effect on the fall blood sugar, its action is similar to insulin, the mice were injected with tea polysaccharide after 7 hours, their blood sugar fell by 70%, and the black tea contains more tea polysaccharide, it is an ideal drink for the prevention and treatment of diabetes, useful also black tea to treat mild diabetes folk customs, and the more coarse result is tea, the better, Dark tea also has cancer prevention, lowering blood lipids, radiation prevention, anti-inflammatory, and other common health care effects of tea.

Side effects of drinking dark tea

Dark tea is fully fermented tea, even though it has many health benefits but still has some side effects as follows.

1. Damage the intestines and stomach

Studies have found that dark tea contains a lot of theophylline and caffeine. Excessive use of dark tea will lead to excessive excitement of the central nervous system, and the peristalsis of the stomach will accelerate, which leads to increased gastric acid secretion and enhanced gastric stimulation, and it is easy to lead to gastric ulcer disease in the body. On top of that, caffeine can be addictive to the body, so long-term use can lead to a vicious cycle.

2. Affect nutrient absorption

Drinking water also contains more tannic acid, which can be combined with protein, vitamins, and trace elements in food and other substances the body needs, resulting in these nutrients can not being properly absorbed by the body. For a long time, it is easy to lead to malnutrition, such as constipation and anemia, which is very harmful to health.

3. Side effects for Pregnant women

Experts tell us that pregnant women can drink dark tea, but we must pay attention to the dosage, excessive is easy to causes damage to the body. If drinking too much dark tea, it is easy to cause pregnancy anemia in pregnant women, and the child in the womb may also appear congenital iron deficiency anemia, which is a lifelong irreparable injury. Therefore, pregnant women must avoid taking strong dark tea, because this tea contains more tannin content. This substance binds to iron in the body and forms a compound that cannot be absorbed by the body, leading to iron-deficiency anemia.


Drinking tea is a kind of state. When drinking tea, don’t think about anything, don’t say anything, and don’t even have the heart to drink tea. Concentrate on the tea, a slowly taste tea, do not care about the tea taste of sweet and bitter, your heart is purer, drink out of the tea more fragrant and sweet. It can be seen that drinking tea is actually a taste of life. If you have any questions about dark tea, please leave your comments below. We are glad to hear your voices!



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