Why Boil Water Before Putting Tea Leaves: A Guide to Tea Brewing


Tea is a beloved drink all over the world, known for its diverse flavors and health benefits. However, brewing the perfect cup of tea is an art that requires knowledge and practice. One common question that arises is why we should boil the water before putting tea leaves into the tea. Here’s what you need to know all about tea brewing.

Why Boil Water Before Putting Tea Leaves: A Guide to Tea Brewing

Why Boil Water Before Putting Tea Leaves

First of all, tea itself has many substances, which will be perfectly released under the agitation of boiling water. Soaking in cold water will only waste tea; Secondly, when the water is not boiling, putting the tea into the pot will make the tea soak for a long time. After boiling, more substances in the tea will be separated, resulting in bitter and thick tea soup. Therefore, putting the tea into the pot after the water is boiled can give a better play to the taste of tea.

Why Not Put Tea First and Then Boil Water

Some tea lovers boil tea together with cold water to save trouble. The result is that the tea soup will become very bitter and not good at all. Because the tea leaves are soaked for a long time, they have a strong taste, leading to the loss of flavor. To avoid this problem, you can try to change the time of serving tea. First, boil the water. When the water temperature rises and a large number of bubbles begin to appear on the water surface, put the tea into the pot and boil together for a few minutes. This way, the tea soup will not be so thick and bitter, and it will taste more delicious. It is suitable for tea brewing in winter, but you can pay attention to the small details of tea feeding time when cooking tea. First, boil the water, and then pour the tea, your tea will be ten times better!

Why Boil Water Before Putting Tea Leaves: A Guide to Tea Brewing

Two Ways to Make Tea

There are two ways to make tea: first, make the tea first, and then bring the bottom of the tea to boil; the second is direct cooking. The way they cook and the amount of tea they put in are different, and they have different tastes.

  • First Soak and Then Boil: You can feel the different flavors of tea brewing and boiling without wasting. Suitable for: old white tea, black tea, old oolong.
  • Direct Boiling: It is more convenient and time-saving, with a stronger aroma and taste. Suitable: All tea that can be boiled.
Why Boil Water Before Putting Tea Leaves: A Guide to Tea Brewing

Tea Brewing Time

Here’s a quick guide to Old White Tea making time:

  • Old White Tea (such as Laoshoumei): 5g of tea and 1000ml of water (tea to water ratio 1:200). Boil for 5 minutes. If you want to continue cooking, leave 1/4 of the tea soup, and then add water to boil for about 5-6 minutes. It is not suitable to stew for a long time.

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