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How to Choose the Right Water For Tea Making?


When choosing water for tea making, we must understand the relationship between the hardness of water and the quality of tea soup. Natural water can be hard water or soft water. Where there is a large amount of calcium, and magnesium ions in water known as hard water. Water that is insoluble or contains only a […]

Best Tea Set for Brewing Huangshan Maofeng


If you’re looking to brew Huangshan Maofeng, there are two main types of tea sets you can use: a glass cup or a white porcelain-covered bowl. Both have their advantages, depending on what you’re looking for in your tea-drinking experience. Glass Cup A glass cup is a great choice if you want to admire the beautiful […]

How to Choose Jasmine Dragon Tea Set?


Introduction In the world of tea, the jasmine dragon tea set holds a special place. It is not only a tool for brewing tea but also a work of art that adds elegance to the tea-drinking experience. Choosing the right jasmine dragon tea set can be a delightful journey, filled with considerations of quality, design, […]

How Much Tea Amount is Suitable When Brewing?


1. Introduction For most of us, what we are exposed to most is brewing, which includes many details, such as water temperature, the material of the cover bowl, time of soup production, amount of tea, etc. Among them, the tea amount is a detail that most tea lovers care about, and it is also a […]

Understand washing tea, awakening tea, and moistening tea


Have you ever wondered about the different steps involved in making a perfect cup of tea? Tea brewing is not just about steeping tea leaves in hot water, there are several important steps that need to be followed to extract the best flavor and aroma from the tea. In this blog, we will explore three […]

Why Cannot Brew Longjing Tea Twice?


Longjing tea, also known as Dragon Well tea, is one of the most famous and beloved varieties of Chinese green tea. Renowned for its delicate flavor, fragrance, and health benefits, Longjing tea is a favorite among tea enthusiasts worldwide. However, one common question that arises among tea lovers is why cannot brew Longjing tea more […]

The Best Water Temperature to Brew Biluochun Tea


Biluochun, also known as Dongting Biluochun, is a type of green tea produced in Dongting Mountain, Wu County, Jiangsu Province. It is famous for its beautiful appearance, high fragrance, and refreshing taste. This article will discover how to brew biluochun in the right way. Biluochun tea has a unique spiral shape with fine strands, a […]

How many times can Tieguanyin be brewed?


Tieguanyin is a type of oolong tea that originated in China and is highly prized for its unique taste and aroma. In this article, we’ll explore how many times you can brew Tieguanyin and what changes you can expect to see in the tea during the brewing process. Tieguanyin can be brewed several times The brewing times […]