How to Choose Jasmine Dragon Tea Set?



In the world of tea, the jasmine dragon tea set holds a special place. It is not only a tool for brewing tea but also a work of art that adds elegance to the tea-drinking experience. Choosing the right jasmine dragon tea set can be a delightful journey, filled with considerations of quality, design, and personal preference. In this blog, we will explore the various aspects to consider when selecting a jasmine dragon tea set, helping you make an informed choice that will enhance your tea time and bring you a deeper appreciation for this traditional beverage.

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To choose a proper jasmine drgon tea set, you can refer to the guidelines below:

  • Covered bowls: Soak and drink jasmine tea, which can quickly produce soup and truly restore the aroma of jasmine tea.
  • Glass and porcelain cups: Convenient and simple to use, suitable for multiple scenarios such as office and home.
  • KuaiKe Cup: Convenient and labor-saving to use, able to quickly separate tea and drink jasmine tea in a timely manner.
  • Elegant cup: Tea and water separation, quick soup production, easy to drink, and can quickly drink tea and soup.
  • Insulating cup: Long-term soaking makes the tea taste stronger, making it more suitable for business trips and travel.
What Tea Set is Used to Drink Jasmine Tea?

Covered Bowl Tea Set for Brewing Jasmine Tea

Generally speaking, when drinking scented tea, in order to maintain its aroma, jasmine tea can be brewed in a pot or brewed and consumed in the form of covered cup tea.

Generally, tea sets for drinking floral tea are made of white-covered porcelain cups or covered bowls (equipped with cups, lids, and saucers). For example, brewing tea embryos is particularly delicate floral tea. To enhance artistic appreciation value, transparent glass cups are also used.

What Tea Set is Used to Drink Jasmine Tea?

When brewing scented tea, the first thing to appreciate is the appearance of the tea. The tea has some prominent flower stems, which is to “add to the cake”.

For high-quality floral tea with delicate tea embryos, it is advisable to use a glass tea cup with a water temperature of around 85 ℃, cover it, and observe the tea’s floating and sinking in the water, as well as the gradual development of the tea, restoration of leaf shape, exudation of tea juice, and changes in the color of the soup, which is called the “target”.

Three minutes later, when the lid of the cup was lifted, a fragrant aroma filled the nostrils, and the spirit was lifted up, known as the ‘nasal product’. Tea soup flows back and forth on the tongue once or twice, savoring the taste of tea and the aroma of the soup before swallowing it. This taste is intoxicating, and it is called “oral taste”.

Soaking Jasmine Tea in Glass Cup Tea Set

The glass is transparent, so it can fully showcase the particularly beautiful appearance of jasmine tea, which has great appreciation value during the brewing process.

When brewing tea, the spout of the brewing pot should be placed close to the teacup, and water should be poured directly onto the tea leaves to slowly soak out the jasmine fragrance.

What Tea Set is Used to Drink Jasmine Tea?

When brewing for the second time, the spout of the pot should be slightly away from the cup, and boiling water should be poured in to blend the tea and the tea leaves. The third bubble can make the spout of the pot farther away from the teacup, allowing water and tea to tumble in the cup, and at this point, a fragrance of flowers can be smelled.

Soaking Jasmine Tea in a Purple Clay Pot

In addition to glass cups and covered bowls, some people also like to use purple clay pots to brew jasmine tea. Due to the fact that jasmine tea is a reprocessed tea that takes up a large amount of space after brewing, it is advisable to choose a purple clay pot with a shorter body to make the tea as stretchy as possible.

What Tea Set is Used to Drink Jasmine Tea?

The purple clay pot can better interpret the tea aroma to the extreme, making the jasmine tea aroma fresh and long-lasting, fresh and refreshing. When using a purple clay pot to brew jasmine tea, it is recommended to use boiling water at a temperature of about 85-90℃.

Before brewing, the purple clay pot should be soaked in boiling water to remove any impurities and ensure that the tea aroma is not affected by the pot. Then, add the jasmine tea leaves to the pot and pour in hot water. Cover the pot and wait for about 2-3 minutes before pouring the tea into a cup.

Jasmine tea brewed in a purple clay pot has a mellow and sweet taste, and the tea aroma is rich and long-lasting. The longer the tea is soaked in the pot, the more fragrant the tea will be. Therefore, purple clay pots are often used by tea lovers to brew jasmine tea for a long time, allowing the tea to fully develop its flavor and aroma.


In conclusion, when choosing a tea set to drink jasmine tea, you can choose from a variety of options such as covered bowls, glass cups, porcelain cups, express cups, purple clay pots, and insulated cups. Each has its own unique advantages and can bring different experiences to the tea drinkers.

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