Why Does Pu'er Tea Have Bitter And Sweet Flavor

For the large-leaf Pu'er tea in Yunnan, bitter tea and sweet tea are not inborn.

However, local tea growers, based on their long-standing experience, divide tea into sweet tea and bitter tea according to their taste.

Take Bulang mountain tea as an example, according to the geographical location, it is bitter in the south, Mian in the north, fragrant in the West, and sweet in the East.

Why Does Pu'er Tea Have Bitter And Sweet Flavor

Sweet tea is famous for its sweetness, weak bitter bottom, easy-to-open, and sweet tea soup. It is the same as brown mountain tea and still inherits the brown tea spirit. Under the fine taste, the familiar Brown flavor depends on.

Why Does Pu'er Tea Have Bitter And Sweet Flavor

Bitter tea, tea soup bitter, strong gas, full of aroma, full of mouth to nose, in the heel of the tongue cohesion bitter feeling, bitter gradually dispersed, back sweet spread, back sweet lasting very long.

Why Does Pu'er Tea Have Bitter And Sweet Flavor

Sweet Tea & Bitter Tea Are Not Simple Bitterness And Sweetness

Sweet tea is a taste feeling dominated by sweetness. Sweet tea is not without bitter bottom, but the weak bitter bottom, easy to open, strong production of fluid and sweet tea soup;

Referring to the old ban zhang(老班章) of the Bulang mountain system, its tea soup is characterized by "sufficient sugar content, obvious sweet feeling, light bitter bottom and fast melting", which belongs to the typical sweet tea;

Why Does Pu'er Tea Have Bitter And Sweet Flavor

Bitter tea is not bitter but not melting, its bitterness is bitter and can melt, quickly open, and then can produce fluid; Generally, the bitter taste is felt in the root of the tongue, and the bitterness turns into sweetness. The sweet rhyme spreads from both cheeks and is very persistent;

For example, the bitter tea of laoman'e(老曼峨) and xiaomengsong(小勐宋) although bitter, is very comfortable. It changes quickly, the bitterness is sweet and the production of fluid is obvious;

But after drinking for a long time, carefully feel, you will find that the mouth sweet breeding, bitter, vaguely visible; Sweet, continuous.

Why Does Pu'er Tea Have Bitter And Sweet Flavor

Sweet Tea & Bitter Tea Are Relative

Sweet tea and bitter tea are relative, not bitter tea is particularly bitter, sweet tea is particularly sweet rock sugar; It depends on whether the tea soup is dominated by bitterness or sweetness;

Many tea people make the tea soup plumpness and balance to achieve the best drinking state, bitter tea and sweet tea reasonable mix, tea complementary, bittersweet harmony!


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