What Are Famous Teas In Chongqing

There are many kinds of tea in Chongqing, including Laoyin tea, Banan Yinzhen tea, Chongqing Tuo tea, Yongchuan Xiuya tea, Fuling white tea, etc.

Laoyin tea: substitute tea, made from leaves of special trees, fragrant and thick taste.

Banan silver needle: green tea, high-grade needle shape famous green tea, tastes fresh.

Chongqing Tuocha: black tea, shaped like a bowl and mortar, tastes mellow and sweet.

Yongchuan Xiuya: green tea, tender and fresh, has a refreshing taste,

Fuling white tea: green tea, an introduced variety of Anji white tea.

 What Are Famous Teas in Chongqing?

1. Laoyin tea

Laoyin tea is also called eagle tea.

It is a kind of leaf, not the tea that we usually pick from tea trees.

Laoyin tea is mainly grown in Sichuan and Chongqing. It grows in 9 high mountains and dense forests. Its trees are large and leafy. The leaves are thicker and larger than ordinary tea leaves. It is unnecessary to pick tender leaves for tea. All leaves and smaller branches can be used for tea.

2. Fuling white tea

Fuling white tea was introduced in Anji, Zhejiang Province in 2005.

The shape is oily and golden and naturally looks like ya. After brewing, the soup color is clear and bright. The bottom of the leaves is like an orchid in full bloom. The leaves are green and white (the veins are green and the leaves are milky white), which gives people a pleasant feeling. It has the characteristics of tender fragrance, lasting flower fragrance, and fresh and mellow taste like chicken soup.

 What Are Famous Teas in Chongqing

3. Xinong Maojian

It has a beautiful shape, green color, and hair, fragrant fragrance, and fresh and mellow taste, which is the treasure of flower tea. There are Xinong Maojian tea, wintersweet tea, Xinong green tea series, Jinyun Maofeng, and other series.

 What Are Famous Teas in Chongqing

4. Golden Buddha jade

Nanchuan Jinfo Yucui tea is a unique product of Nanchuan District of Chongqing. It is a geographical indication of agricultural products in China. Its origin is 600-1200 meters above sea level. The picking standard is one bud and one leaf. The shape is tight and green, the soup color is bright and green, the chestnut fragrance is lasting, the taste is strong and mellow, and the leaf bottom is yellow-green and bright.

 What Are Famous Teas in Chongqing

5. Jiming tribute tea

Jiminggong tea is a kind of flat-fried green tea mainly produced in the area of Jimingsi in Chengkou, Chongqing.

 What Are Famous Teas in Chongqing

The tea produced here is more delicate and earlier than other teas. It has a delicate fragrance and is better than other teas. " Therefore, it is said that "the tea in the Jiming courtyard is the water in the Baihe well".

6. Xiushan Maojian

Xiushan Maojian tea is produced in the Wuling mountain area. It is made of high-quality fresh and tender tea. It has the characteristics of tight string, crystal clear soup color, long-lasting fragrance, and mellow and fresh taste. It is a high-quality tea.

 What Are Famous Teas in Chongqing

7. Four green needles

The four sides of green needle tea products have selected fresh leaves from the core area of the Maoshan selenium-rich tea garden in Jiangjin district as raw materials. The traditional manual and modern technology are combined organically to produce a pot of "four sides green needle" tea. The shape is flat, straight, and fatty, the soup color is bright and green, the taste is fresh and sweet, the aroma of chestnut is rich, and it can be soaked for a long time.

 What Are Famous Teas in Chongqing

8. Yongchuan Xiuya

Yongchuan Xiuya is a famous needle-shaped tea, which belongs to green tea. Produced in Yongchuan District, Chongqing.

 What Are Famous Teas in Chongqing

It was developed and produced by the Tea Research Institute of Chongqing Academy of Agricultural Sciences in 1959 and officially named Yongchuan Xiuya by famous tea expert Professor Chen Chuan in 1964.

9. Banan silver needle

 What Are Famous Teas in Chongqing

Banan silver needle is a special high-grade needle-shaped famous tea, a famous green tea treasure in a series of tea products. It takes early spring young buds and leaves as raw materials and is made by hand. Its shape is straight and beautiful, green and moist, tender and fragrant, and tastes fresh and sweet.

10. Chongqing Tuocha

Chongqing Tuo tea, a Chongqing tea factory that began to produce in 1953, is a high-quality pressed tea.

 What Are Famous Teas in Chongqing

The finished tea is shaped like a bowl and mortar. Its color is black and oily. The soup is clear and bright. The bottom of the leaves is tender and even. The taste is mellow and sweet, and the aroma is fragrant and fragrant.

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Lu Yu's "the book of tea" begins with the saying that "tea is the Jiamu of the South" and that "two people are embracing each other in Bashan gorge and Sichuan, cutting and fixing it.".

what are famous teas in Chongqing

Here "Bashan Xiachuan" refers to the Daba Mountain and the Three Gorges area, which are mainly in Chongqing today. Moreover, studies have proved that Chongqing, one of the original places of tea in China, began to grow tea as early as the end of the Shang Dynasty and the beginning of the Zhou Dynasty.

Chongqing has a complex topography, a subtropical climate, and rich water and heat resources. In the certain height of mountainous areas, abundant rainfall, fog, high air humidity, and strong diffuse reflection enhance the tenderness of buds and leaves, which is conducive to improving the aroma and taste of tea, is called "high mountain clouds produce good tea"; In addition, the soil of Chongqing tea area has mountain yellow mud, purple sand soil, old red mud, etc., which is very suitable for tea plant growth.

Therefore, Chongqing has not only good natural ecology but also many good and famous tea.


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