What tea is better to drink in the evening

Dinner is very important for people who are busy all day.

But in the evening, some people may also have social intercourse, have rich food, and a heavy burden on the stomach and intestines; If there is tobacco and alcohol, then the liver and lungs will suffer. What tea is better to drink in the evening

At night, drinking tea rich in polyphenols can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, aid digestion, and speed up metabolism.It can also reduce the body's absorption of oil. 

As you might expect, these benefits are based on drinking the right tea at night. Some tea drinkers may ask: Doesn't drinking tea at night cause insomnia? 

There isn't an absolute answer. It also depends on people, tea varieties, and tea drinking time whether or not they drink tea at night; 

What tea is better to drink in the evening

When I drink tea at night, what should I pay attention to? 

Usually Drink Fermented Tea At Night

During fermentation, tea oxidizes or transforms its strong stimulant alkaloids and polyphenols into small molecular compounds that are more readily available to humans, thereby reducing the stimulation of the gastrointestinal tract and nerve endings in the human body. 

There are 3 types of fermented tea: half-fermented oolong tea, fully fermented black tea, and post-fermented ripe Pu-erh tea. Citrus Pu tea is also fermented tea, since it uses ripe tea as a raw material.

In spite of this, semi-fermented oolong tea is still very potent. 

After drinking it, many women experience palpitations. Men and old tea ghosts have very little effect.You can drink Tieguanyin, Dianhong tea, Keemun black tea, old white tea, and Pu'er ripe tea. 

What tea is better to drink in the evening

Don't Drink Strong Tea 1 Hour Before Go To Bed

 You should drink the right tea, but you should also pay attention to how it is prepared.

When you drink strong tea without restraint, your body will be burdened. The water in the body is still running after you fall asleep, which may lead to side effects such as edema, and the kidney's endless work does not align with the coordinated operation of body functions.

Drink more water and get up frequently at night, which affects sleep naturally.

The time to drink tea should not be too late. For instance, sleep at 23:00 and tea is not recommended after 21:00 because tea takes time to decompose in the body.

What tea is better to drink in the evening

Furthermore, different people react differently to tea; some have excellent physical endurance, drink excessive amounts of tea, and don't have insomnia;

Some people can't sleep if they drink a little tea, so when they drink tea at night, they need to pay attention to the time, concentration, and suitable tea. The most direct way to reduce the impact of tea drinking on sleep is to drink tea during the day and not at night.


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