The Incredible Longjing Tea Health Benefits

What is Longjing Tea?

It is a type of green tea which is prepared by heating large pans, this tea is also known as Dragon well tea. It can be prepared through heating in large pans or woks. It is yellow and green in color through a rigorous oxidation process. After picking, this green tea can be roasted soon which then stops the oxidation process. It is able to retain a very high amount of antioxidants concentration, catechins, and other polyphenolic compounds. Longjing tea contains high level of caffeine, but also having other active ingredients that can simultaneously help in soothing the body. It has a mild flavour, similar to other green teas, but it is light yellow in colour. Incredible Longjing Tea Health Benefits makes your body super healthy. This tea helps in reducing of weight loss and transforming a person’s weight from fat to fit position. The longjing tea helps a person in prevention of cancer cells. This tea helps a person to fight from anxiety and depression problems which results in reducing of heart prone diseases.

Following are the Longjing Tea Health Benefits: -

Heart Health

This tea helps in lowering the blood pressure and cholesterol levels under control, which decreases the risk of heart attack, stroke, and coronary heart disease. 

Cancer Prevention

The longjing tea has high amount of catechins and polyphenols concentration which can reduce the risk of different types of cancers.

Improving Health

Longjing tea contains fluorine which helps in reducing bad breath and tooth decay. It is advisable to consume this tea daily for a healthy smile.

Stress and Anxiety

The longjing tea contains L-Theanine amino acids These amino acids has soothing properties which helps in soothing your heart. This also helps in refreshing and energising the mind and body. This theanine amino acids are also known as sedative substance, which helps to reducing the stimulant effects in the tea.

Speeds Up Weight Loss

The longjing tea contains oxidants that can aid to burn fat inside our body. This tea helps in increasing energy levels, speed up metabolism, and improve the functioning of liver. Stored fat can be burnt faster after speeding up the metabolic rate, which means you can lose the weight faster. Longjing tea helps in accelerating the fat oxidation.

How to Make Longjing Tea?


·       Longjing Tea- 3 Grams

·       Water- 150 ml

·       tsp honey (optional)

 Brewing Process

  • Firstly pre-warm the Glass by pouring some warm water in the glass.
  • Put the Longjing tea leaves into a warmed glass.
  • Boil the water and then let it cool down. Note: This tea is not suitable for using boiling hot water. Cool Down the boiled water for several minutes, and then pour it in the glass.
  • Gently pour water onto the leaves.
  • If the taste is too strong, add honey to it.

 Longjing Tea Side Effects:-

There are not that much side effects but sometimes this tea leads us to gas issues in our health such as stomach problems, sleep problems etc.

You can find lots variants of Longjing Tea as well as other Chinese teas, Buy China Tea always provide the best quality and fresh. Longjing Tea Health Benefits make your life more healthier.



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