What Is The Meaning of "Zen Tea" When You Drink Tea?

"Zen Tea" is also called "Chan Cha Yiwei".For tea friends, must be familiar with these words when you guys drink tea.

It can be seen in teahouses and teahouses all over the street. The banners hanging high are the four words.

What Is The Meaning of Zen Tea When You Drink Tea

Usually used in the tea mat, the tea plate will also be part of the printing lines, which are also the four words.

What does Zen tea mean and why it is highly praised?

Zen, Buddhism refers to meditation, meditation.

Zen is a Chinese Buddhism. China is the birthplace of tea in the world and the largest tea producer.

Tea and Zen are two kinds of culture. They have been in contact with each other in their long historical development, and gradually infiltrate into each other and influence each other, and finally merge into a new cultural form.

The Zen tea culture of "one taste of tea and Zen" is a unique phenomenon in the history of Chinese traditional culture, and also a fusion of life, Buddhist culture, and tea culture.

What Is The Meaning of Zen Tea When You Drink Tea

Zen tea is a combination of Zen and tea.

Under the close relationship between tea and Buddhism, tea drinking, and Buddhist philosophy, life ideas are integrated.

Shi Wenxiang wrote in "fried tea" that "one bowl after another, one bowl after another, one should SIP to dispel worries. He was afraid that he would lose his right taste, and he remained silent for a long time. In a moment, his teeth and cheeks were sweet, and the wind in his two Fu organs was rustling. He was floating in the air, but he did not go to Lu Yuchuan.

The poet is a tea-loving monk. This poem describes that he tasted the tea quietly. After a short period of bitterness, his lips and teeth gave birth to a sweet taste. With bowl after bowl of tea, his troubles were all dissipated.

It can be seen that monks and tea have a deep bond, tea has been integrated into their daily life.

What Is The Meaning of Zen Tea When You Drink Tea

Here, the meaning of Zen tea is natural and bright. To put it simply, it has the following two points:

Point 1

The spirit of Zen tea can be summarized as "positive, clear, harmonious, and elegant", including the simple feelings of "gratitude, tolerance, sharing, and friendship".

"Yiwei" is the connection between heart and tea, heart and nature.

One flavor of Zen tea is that there are hundreds of different kinds of tea with different characteristics; But as long as we are tolerant, grateful, and sharing, we can look at nature, life, and human relationship and understand everything around us, and we will have a unique experience and a unique flavor.

What Is The Meaning of Zen Tea When You Drink Tea

Point 2

We are predestined for tea, but what is the taste of tea, only when we drink it, can not be replaced.

Cultivation and perception are not to be indifferent to the world, to avoid the world passively, and to put it on the shelf; It is through self-cultivation, the pursuit of truth, and the discovery of wisdom, so that the heart more powerful, can influence and influence more people so that the small world around them is better.

Love a thing, you have to pay for it, suffer for it. The road comes out, not asks. The results are obtained through hard work. If you work harder and try more, you will naturally find your path, a new world.


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