Fuding White Tea Benefits in Autumn: Embrace the ‘Autumn Tiger’ Season

Drink More Fuding white tea In The Autumn Tiger Season

During meteorological discussions, the term “Autumn Tiger” denotes a weather pattern characterized by temperatures soaring above 35 ℃. This weather phenomenon emerges shortly after a heatwave recedes, typically following the peak of summer and lasting until the onset of the summer solar term. This annual occurrence, spanning about 7 to 15 days, precisely coincides with the transition between August and September. The resurgence of scorching temperatures during this time can be attributed to the return of the subtropical high-pressure system, which exerts its influence once more over regions encompassing the Yangtze Huaihe River. As the “Autumn Tiger” season unfolds, it sets the stage for experiencing the remarkable “Fuding White Tea Benefits in Autumn.”

Drink More "Fuding white tea" In The "Autumn Tiger" Season

Notes on “Autumn Tiger”

When autumn tigers occur, the weather is muggy and humid, the temperature is unstable, hot, and rainy, and people are particularly vulnerable to illness during this period.

At this time in the season change period, try to eat less raw and cold food and drink fewer cold drinks, to avoid excessive gastrointestinal irritation, causing various gastrointestinal problems. There is also “autumn fat” that should pay attention to the scientific tonic, not excessive drinking, or random tonic.

Drink More Fuding white tea In The Autumn Tiger Season

At the same time, the data show that the human body sweats a lot, the water in the body is lost, the blood viscosity is increased, the sympathetic nerve is excited, the heart rate is accelerated, and the coronary artery is contracted under the high-temperature environment, which increases the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular attack.

High temperatures and rainy weather can also make people’s immunity low. At the same time, blowing fans and turning on air conditioning, and the large temperature difference between indoors and outdoors lead to poor physical adaptability, which is the main cause of respiratory tract infection and pneumonia. Be careful, especially for the elderly.

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1. Pay attention to sunscreen

During the autumn tiger period, the UV in the air is still relatively strong, so at this time, it is still necessary to make sunscreen, apply sunscreen when going out, and prepare hats and umbrellas when necessary to reduce the skin irritation caused by ultraviolet rays.

2. Control the time of air conditioning

After entering the autumn tiger, you should reduce the time of air conditioning, especially when you sleep at night, because the temperature will drop at night, and it is easy to catch a cold if you blow the air conditioner for a long time.

3. Eat nourishing yin and moistening dry food

After the autumn tiger, the weather will gradually dry, so this time you should pay more attention to your diet, Try to eat Yin dry food, such as lily, tremella, and duck meat are good choices, and can ease the body’s dry heat.

4. Take proper exercise to strengthen the constitution

During the autumn tiger, the temperature difference between day and night is large. It is recommended to wear clothes with strong air permeability. During the day, you can wear clothes that cool faster. However, when you go for a walk at night, you must keep warm to avoid catching a cold. Early autumn is the best season for exercise, but the exercise should vary from person to person. People with weak physiques are suitable for softer sports, such as walking, doing exercises, Taijiquan, jogging, etc.

Old people often say, “Autumn tigers are not good, they love to be ill.” at the last moment of anti-heat, we should pay more attention to health. The following is a brief introduction to the most simple method of keeping fit in season.

 What Are The Fuding White Tea Benefits in Autumn

During this period, muggy, high temperatures and heatstroke are not uncommon. But before autumn comes in full swing, people’s throats and noses are the first to feel the meaning of autumn, which is also the high incidence period of wind dryness and cold. The throat is dry and the throat is tight, and even the cough is dry.

One of the most common pain problems for many people is an oral ulcer! An oral ulcer is the most likely to occur in the “autumn tiger” period after the beginning of autumn.

The human body is used to the climate characteristics in summer. Suddenly, the balance of yin and Yang in the body is disturbed. If excessive heat is accumulated in the body, it needs to be discharged. If it cannot be discharged in time, internal heat syndrome will appear, which is manifested as a repeated oral ulcer.

The following three points tell you why drinking more white tea can lead to a more stable transition to this special period.

Drink More Fuding white tea In The Autumn Tiger Season

1. Eliminate fatigue

In autumn, the body is now in a period of rest, and the rise and fall of yin and Yang Qi in the body are changing accordingly.

The human body is easy to feels tired, always wants to sleep, and dozes off several times a day, which is often said to be autumn fatigue. Old white tea contains caffeine, which can promote the human central nervous system, and enhance the level of cortical excitement. If in the work of office workers, or students who are about to start school, the brain is sleepy. Drinking old white tea can refresh the mind and eliminate fatigue.

2. Clearing away heat and dryness

Throat dries, want to cough, don’t doubt if you are sick, it may be because of the autumn tiger! After autumn, the dry air begins to rise, and the lungs are more likely to be injured. At this time, you should eat less food that will increase the dryness of autumn, such as spicy and barbecue.

Old white tea has the effect of moistening the lungs, nourishing the stomach, and clearing inflammation after aging. Drink old white tea, relieve the body’s dry and hot feeling, tea fragrance, soup run, water slippery, mouth and mouth produce fluid.

Drink More Fuding white tea In The Autumn Tiger Season

3. Detoxification and anti cold

During the summer heat, the temperature difference between day and night begins to widen gradually. At this time, the body seems to have no protective wall. The cold is very easy to invade and causes symptoms of a sick cold.

Old white tea has been put on the shelf for a long time, which can be said to be the first choice for health preservation. Drink old white tea, The amount of interferon secreted by the blood immune cells in the human body has increased 5 times, which is equivalent to casting an “immunity” protection wall for your body virtually!


As the “Autumn Tiger” season heats up, Fuding white tea offers a refreshing escape. Its delicate flavors and soothing qualities make it the ideal choice for this time of year. Enjoy the “Fuding White Tea Benefits in Autumn” and find respite in every cup.

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