How to brew lapsang souchong tea

What is Lapsang Souchong?

Lapsang Souchong or Zhengshan Xiaozhong is a Chinese dark tea with a smoky flavor. The exacting interpretation of its name would be–Small Leaf Type from the Original Mountain. Recollect Wuyi rock tea? This tea likewise comes from the Wuyi Mountains as these famous oolong teas.

Lapsang souchong is produced using a similar plant as any remaining genuine teas–Camellia sinensis. Although for an enthusiastic tea consumer, each great tea will be remarkable, lapsang souchong might be perhaps the most exceptional of every surprising tea

Lapsang souchong is smoked over pinewood, which brings about an extremely solid smoky note. Today, different kinds of wood might be utilized as well. Notwithstanding, not all lapsang souchong teas go through extraordinary smoking. Unsmoked types have sweet, ready products of the soil notes and are altogether different from what we typically call a lapsang souchong.

How is lapsang souchong made

While numerous lapsang souchong teas might be produced using more established and more developed leaves, this isn’t consistently the situation. Souchong for the sake of this tea is an unexpected souchong in comparison to the one utilized for evaluating teas in India and Sri Lanka. In Lapsang souchong, souchong implies little leaf tea plant.

The preparation remembers shriveling for bamboo bins above pinewood fires, and further drying over smoky pine fires once the leaves are oxidized and rolled. The handling strategy incorporates one intriguing advance – searing, a typical advance in making Chinese green teas.

Caffeine Content

Lapsang souchong is a dark tea, hence, it will ordinarily have more caffeine than green tea. In any case, one examination showed that lapsang souchong may have less caffeine than many green teas. As caffeine substance will rely upon numerous elements – from tea cultivar to developing conditions, collecting techniques and preparing, and in any event, putting away and blending

How to brew lapsang souchong tea:

  • Fill your gaiwan (or glass) most of the way with high temp water to pre-heat it. Slant the cup a piece with the goal that the water creeps up the side and afterward turn it so within gets wet right around.
  • Put roughly 1 teaspoon of tea leaves into the gaiwan. If utilizing an alternate vessel, use around 1 teaspoon for each 100 to 150 ml (or forever 5 oz. or thereabouts) of water.
  • Fill the gaiwan with bubbling water.
  • Spot the top on the gaiwan and let the tea steep for 2 minutes.
  • Pour the tea from the gaiwan into the teacup, utilizing the top to keep down the leaves. Make the most of your tea!
  • You can get 3-5 implantations out of most assortments. Increment the soaking time 30 seconds for every imbuement. The number of imbuements you do relies totally upon your taste.

Note: These are the best way How to brew lapsang souchong tea


Start with a short soaking time, around a few minutes, and test the tea for flavor. Permit it to blend until it arrives at your favored mark of smokiness, however, try not to over-brew as this will bring about harshness. Improve to taste or appreciate it unaccompanied, allowing the smoky flavor to justify itself.

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