How to choose the right Chinese tea for your health?

How to choose the right Chinese tea for your health

In China, tea can be classified as reprocessing tea or basic tea based on its varieties, technology, and fermentation level. Black tea, green tea, black tea, oolong tea, white tea, and yellow tea are the 6 major Chinese tea categories.

How to choose the right Chinese tea for your health

Reprocessed tea includes flower tea, pressed tea, extracted tea, fruit tea, and other products that are produced from basic tea, including green tea, black tea, oolong tea, white tea, yellow tea, and black tea.

Moreover, every kind of tea has its uniqueness, and its effect on the body is also unique.

There is no specific answer to which kind of tea is healthier for the human body. Among the 6 kinds of tea, they all have different properties, which naturally apply to different groups of people. 

How to choose the right Chinese tea

1. Green tea

After picking, green tea is killed, kneaded, and tried to keep the original flavor. People who use computers for a long time, those under a lot of pressure, and those easily fatigued benefit from this type of tea.

How to choose the right Chinese tea for your health

In addition, the cold nature of green tea also causes it to be the most irritating to the human body. Drinking green tea is not recommended for people with poor gastrointestinal function or those who are elderly.

Tea polyphenols, as well as a certain amount of anti-radiation polyphenols. Especially for office workers who sit in front of computers every day, green tea is a blessing. Additionally, green tea can relieve some of the fatigue of office workers by refreshing the mind and reducing fatigue.

How to choose the right Chinese tea for your health

Representative green tea products include: 

Anji white tea, Longjing tea, Zhuyeqing tea, Nestle, Huangshan Maofeng, and Lu’an Guapian tea. 

2. White tea 

The production process of white tea is relatively simple and special compared to black tea. Because of the low degree of fermentation, white tea also belongs to the cold tea category. It is, however, more peaceful and suitable for general consumption the longer white tea is stored.

As long as ancient times, white tea has been known as “one-year tea, three-year medicine, and seven-year treasure,” which means “the source of ten thousand medicines”. Although this reputation is a little exaggerated, it also highlights the importance of white tea.

White tea contains tea polysaccharide, which acts as insulin and reduces the blood sugar content of the human body; theanine in tea has a mild blood pressure inhabitant effect. Those who need white tea should be seated according to their number, as it is especially suitable for the “three high” people.

Representative Chinese white tea products include:

Gongmei, Shoumei, Baihao Yinzhen, and Baimudan. 

3. Yellow tea 

Based on green tea production technology, yellow tea has a more stuffy yellow fermentation process, which can be divided into pre-fermentation and post-fermentation processes. Yellowing the tea is the first step before drying. Drying the tea first and then drying it again are the second steps.

Yellow tea undergoes a stuffy yellow process, which makes it produce big Mi components that are capable of sterilization, anti-inflammatory, heat-clearing, and firefighting. Yellow tea can help obese people lose weight by speeding up digestion; yellow tea can also help people with spleen and stomach discomfort by regulating the spleen and stomach.

Representative yellow tea products include:

Junshan Yinzhen, Mogan Huangya, Huoshan Huangya, Mengding Huangya, and Guangdong dayeqing. 

How to choose the right Chinese tea for your health

4. Oolong tea

Oolong tea is a semi-fermented Chinese tea that can be enjoyed by tea lovers every day.

In addition to reducing blood lipid and cholesterol, oolong tea does not stimulate the stomach and intestines, and can also speed up digestion to eliminate greasy foods. The oil effect of oolong tea is very good, so fat groups can often drink it.

Furthermore, oolong tea is considered a “beauty and fitness” tea. Therefore, whether you want a good figure or a great appearance, you cannot miss oolong tea.

How to choose the right Chinese tea for your health

Representative oolong tea products include:

Fenghuang Dancong, Tieguanyin, Wuyi Rock Tea (Dahongpao, cinnamon, Narcissus), Zhangping Narcissus, and frozen top oolong. 

5. Dark Green tea

Besides being a type of post-fermented tea, dark green tea also has a long production process and complex production process. The good thing about dark green tea is that it can be stored for a long time, and it converts well, so it is more gentle. It is suitable for people with a poor gastrointestinal function who like fishy food and greasy meat.

This tea has its function. It was originally sold to nomadic people in remote areas with the body of the tea sold at the edge. These people eat mostly meat. They will easily suffer from indigestion and accumulate food if they consume too much. In addition to promoting digestion and absorption, dark green tea can also provide the body with the necessary nutrients.

Thus, people who like meat and long meat should always drink dark green tea.

Representative dark green tea products include:

Fu brick tea, flower brick tea, green brick tea, Ya’an Tibetan tea, Jingyang Fu brick tea, Liubao tea, etc. 

How to choose the right Chinese tea for your health

6. Black tea

Black tea is a fully fermented tea and has a fermentation degree of more than 80%. Green tea is mild and less irritating, so it cannot be accepted for a while. Tea friends who like health care can choose black tea. Black tea is also beneficial to people with weak stomachs, cold bodies, women, and poor constitutions.

Many middle-aged and elderly people suffer from weak gastrointestinal function, and some women suffer from a cold constitution. On weekdays, they can drink black tea to boost digestion, regulate their intestines and stomach, improve their internal circulation, and warm their bodies and hearts. Black tea indeed tastes great, but it also maintains good health.

Representative black tea products include: 

Qimen black tea, Yunnan black tea, Jiuqu red plum, lying black tea, Bailin black tea, Xinyang black tea, etc. 

How to choose the right Chinese tea for your health


As there are 6 kinds of Chinese tea, their properties vary, so we can choose a tea according to our preferences, tea properties, and characteristics. By doing so, we can not only quench thirst but also play a positive role in our health.

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