How to choose the right tea for people over 40?

Pu’er tea, Laobai tea, Oolong tea, Chinese wolfberry tea, Babao tea, and others are suitable for middle-aged people (40+). These teas, along with Pu’er, Laobai, and Oolong teas, have unique flavors that are mellow and sweet, suitable for middle-aged adults. Second, Chinese wolfberry tea, Babao tea, etc., are also suitable for middle-aged men to drink, not only as a source of energy but also to nourish the body and mind, with certain benefits.

How to choose the right tea for people over 40?

How to Choose The Right Tea For Middle-aged People?

1. Pu’er cooked tea

A Pu’er tea can be divided into cooked tea (ripe Pu-erh) and raw tea. Middle-aged people must nourish and protect their stomachs. This tea contains Thearubigin, theaflaudio-videoin, theabrownin, and vitamin C, and is mild in taste, mellow in aroma, and has a lingering aroma. Hence, it is a good choice for middle-aged individuals.

How to choose the right tea for people over 40?

2. Black tea

Black tea is a post-fermented tea, one of 6 types of Chinese tea. Hunan black tea (Fu tea, Qianliang tea, black brick tea, Sanjian tea, etc.) can be divided into Hubei black brick tea, Sichuan Tibetan tea (Bian tea), Anhui Guyi black tea (An tea), Yunnan black tea (Pu’er cooked tea), Guangxi Liubao tea and Shaanxi black tea (Fu tea), according to their geographical distribution.

Middle-aged people have always been fond of black tea. The older the tea, the better. It has a pure aroma, yellow-red and slightly brown soup, and tastes more concentrated and mellow. It is suitable for cooking and drinking. It can also be mixed with dairy products and sugar.

3. Old White Tea

Most people enjoy drinking old white tea. It is mellow and fragrant because it has been stored for a long time. As a result of many years of storage, white tea’s internal components slowly change, its aroma components gradually dissipate, its soup color gradually changes, its taste becomes mellow, and its properties change from cold to warm as it is stored, and its drinking value increases as it is stored for longer periods. Old white tea has a mellow taste and is good for the health of many middle-aged people.

How to choose the right tea for people over 40?

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