How to Classify Fujian Oolong Tea Types? What Are The Characteristics?

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Oolong tea is a kind of tea peculiar to China. It originated from Fujian and spread abroad, forming three major producing areas Fujian, Guangdong, and Taiwan, accounting for more than 98% of the total output of Oolong tea in China. Among them, Fujian oolong tea is the largest production area. This article introduces the classification, representative products, and characteristics of Fujian Oolong tea types, the founder of Oolong tea.

How to classify Fujian oolong tea

 Classification of Fujian Oolong tea types

Taiwan Oolong is classified according to fermentation degree, while Fujian oolong tea is divided into two categories according to regional space: Northern Fujian oolong and southern Fujian oolong. Wuyi rock tea is the most representative product of Oolong in Northern Fujian, and Tieguanyin in Anxi in Southern Fujian.

Wulong in Northern Fujian is distributed in Wuyi Mountains. Its main production areas include Wuyishan, Jianou, Jianyang, Shaowu, etc. The main products are Wuyi rock tea, and its famous products include Dahongpao, Mingcong, cinnamon, etc. Oolong in Southern Fujian is distributed in the Daiyun mountain range and Bopingling mountain range. Its main production areas include Anxi, Yongchun, Dehua, Zhangping, Pinghe, Zhao’an, etc. Famous products include Anxi Tieguanyin, Yongchun bergamot, Benshan, Huang Jin Gui, Zhangping Narcissus, etc.

How to classify Fujian oolong tea? Northern and South Fujian

Representative Oolong Tea in Northern Fujian

The Oolong in Northern Fujian mainly includes two categories: Oolong and Narcissus, and Wuyi rock tea is the best.

Wuyi rock tea. Wuyishan City under the jurisdiction of the administrative region of Oolong tea known as Wuyi rock tea, products are divided into Dahongpao, Mingcong, cinnamon, Narcissus, and exotic species. Wuyi rock tea is tight, solid, slightly twisted, green-brown color, with frog skin-like white spots on the leaf surface;

The fragrance is fragrant and lasting, with the victory of the orchid. The sharp one is thick and long, and the quiet one is far away; The taste is mellow, fresh, and smooth back to sweet, throat rhyme is clear, teeth and cheek retain fragrance, which is called “rock rhyme”; The color of the soup is clear and bright with deep orange-yellow color; The leaf bottom is soft and bright, the leaf margin is vermilion, and the green leaf is red-edged.

How to classify Fujian oolong tea?

Representative Oolong Tea in South Fujian

Oolong in South Fujian mainly includes Tieguanyin and South Fujian color species. The quality of Anxi Tieguanyin is the best, while Zhangping Narcissus is unique in color species because of its square shape.

Anxi Tieguanyin Tea. Anxi Tieguanyin is the best oolong tea in South Fujian. Its shape is round and round, mostly in a spiral shape. Its color is sandy green and green, with a green abdomen and green pedicle; The endoplasmic aroma is high and fragrant, with a natural orchid fragrance, mellow and delicious. Tieguanyin has an obvious varietal fragrance, which is called the Guanyin rhyme. The quality of spring tea and autumn tea is the best, there is a saying “Spring water and autumn fragrance”.

How to classify Fujian oolong tea

Zhangping Narcissus. Zhangping Narcissus tea cake, a square cake shape, belongs to the compact tea type. The traditional tea cake is a small square in shape, with high internal quality aroma, floral fragrance, and elegant fragrance. There are orchid fragrances and osmanthus fragrances. The taste is mellow and sweet, and the taste is moderate. The soup color is orange-yellow, clear, and bright, the leaf bottom is thick and yellow, and the red edge is bright.

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