Top 10 Famous Chinese Tea (1) Long Jing (Dragon Well Tea 龙井)

Tea-drinking is a constituent part of Chinese culture. China is an original producer of tea and is renowned for its skills in planting and making tea. Its customs of tea-drinking spread over to Europe and to many other regions through cultural exchange via the ancient "Silk Road" and other channels of trade. The Chinese nation has written a brilliant page for its tea culture in the history of world civilization. The development and promotion of tea has been one of China's principal contributions to the world. Traditionally, there are ten most famous teas, but not all "best ten" lists are in agreement. Here is a typical list of the ten most famous teas in china for your reference. 

Long Jing (Dragon Well Tea 龙井)

Type: Green Tea
Origin: Xihu Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China (West Lake)
Description: Very gentle and sweet, these teas can be quite expensive. The tea leaves can be eaten after brewing.

Long Jing Tea

Dragon Well Tea, as an important part of Hangzhou culture, expresses the living attitude of locals as well as the Chinese people.Generally speaking, it takes 6 hours for the Dragon Well tea to pluck, it takes more than 4 hours to fry and make this one that shows dragon well green tea squarely is wonderful. The Dragon Well tea, line with having yellow again in the color and luster is completely green, green. The tea form is flat, smooth, after washing bubbles, each is hung in water, the bud stands upright, tea is fragrant and lasting, dark brown and dark green and bright, flavor glycol.

Dragon Well name derives from a local spring that legend has it is the lair of a dragon. Also known as Longjing, it is the best known of China's green teas, justifiably so. It had been presented as tribute to many generations of Chinese emperors, and was the tea served to Richard Nixon in his memorable encounter with Mao Tse-tung. In local parlance, it is praised for its "four characters": jade color, vegetative aroma, mellow chestnut flavor and singular shape.
Variant Longjing -1   Dafo longjing
Produced in the hometown of Chinese tea - zhejiang xinchang county, elevation 400 meters above the main distribution of high mountain area.Product chooses mountain pollution-free well-bred young bud leaf tea plantations, the booth and pushes the cool, dry, screen and plastic, etc. Craft refined but become.Its appearance is flat and smooth, pointed straight, colour and lustre is green emerald green uniform, long-lasting fragrance, slightly orchid nun fragrant, taste fresh glycol, shang huang is bright and delicate flowers, green leaves green, with a typical high mountain flavor.
Variant Longjing -2   Osmanthus Assorted Longjing

This is a special and optimized type of Longjing Green tea which added osmanthus during roasting process. The osmanthus has extremely aroma which enhance the Longjing tea fragrance when brewing.
Osmanthus" Deva " celebrated, flower containing capric acid lactone, violet ketone, aromatic Catalpol oxides and other precious aromatic substances.



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