What are Lapsang Souchong and its brewing processes?

What are Lapsang Souchong and its brewing processes?

Lapsang Souchong or Zhengshan Xiaozhong is a Chinese dark tea with a smoky flavor. The translation of its name would be–Small Leaf Type from the Original Mountain. Recall Wuyi rock tea? This tea likewise comes from the Wuyi Mountains as these famous oolong teas. This article will introduce the brewing Lapsang Souchong process and what are the health benefits of drinking it regularly.

Lapsang Souchong and its brewing processes

 Lapsang souchong is produced using a similar plant as any remaining genuine teas–Camellia sinensis. Even though for an energetic tea consumer each great tea will be novel, lapsang souchong might be quite possibly the most exceptional of every single strange tea. Lapsang souchong is smoked over pinewood, which brings about an extremely solid smoky note. Today, different sorts of wood might be utilized as well. However, not all lapsang souchong teas go through exceptional smoking. Unsmoked types have sweet, ready products of the soil notes and are altogether different from what we usually call a lapsang souchong.

 Lapsang souchong or Zhengshan Xiaozhong was brought into the world in Tongmu town in Fujian. This spot is an old neighborhood of one more lovely Chinese dark tea–Jin Jun Mei. Truth be told, Jin Jun Mei and unsmoked excellent zheng shan xiaozhong may have fundamentally the same flavor profile. While lapsang souchong has an extremely long history, Jin Jun Mei was made as of late. Lapsang souchong is the main dark tea on the planet.  

 How is lapsang souchong made

 While numerous lapsang souchong teas might be produced using more established and more developed leaves, this isn’t the situation with this tea. In Lapsang souchong, souchong implies little leaf tea plant.

 How to brew lapsang souchong tea in the most effective method

 You can also blend lapsang souchong tea in many unexpected ways.

 Brewing lapsang souchong tea in a Western-style

  • You will require around 2 grams of tea for some water.
  • Heat water to the point of boiling and let it cool down for a couple of moments.
  • Steep the tea for 2 minutes and strain.
  • You can re-steep similar leaves more than once.
  • This strategy is incredible for smoked lapsang souchong.

If you are brewing unsmoked lapsang souchong or great smoked lapsang souchong,

Brewing lapsang souchong tea in an Eastern-style

  • This style may show you all the excellence and intricacy of this tea.
  • Use around 5-6 grams of tea leaves per 150 ml of water.
  • Heat crisp spring water to the point of boiling and let it cool down briefly.
  • Steep the tea leaves for 30 seconds.
  • Re-steep, at any rate, multiple times, each time expanding the soaking time.
Lapsang Souchong and its brewing processes

 Flavor Profile

 In today’s Time, lapsang souchong typically has an exceptionally conspicuous smoky note. Generally, the smoky note comes from smoking the leaves over pine wood to accomplish an even flavor with unmistakable smokiness, with basic profound fruity and different notes as well.

Today, numerous lapsang souchong teas have an extremely serious smoky flavor and aroma, frequently contrasted with the fragrance of smoked meat or pit fire. They are less fruity and more grounded. Some of the time, lower-quality tea isn’t generally smoked, yet falsely smoked and seasoned all things being equal.

Benefits of Drinking Lapsang Souchong Black Tea

  1. Cancer prevention agent

 Lapsang souchong contains cancer prevention agents, thearubigins, and theaflavins that may give high cell reinforcement activity. They may even help battle radicals, help in reducing oxidative stress, and protect the cells from damage.

  1. Boosting energy

Dark tea contains caffeine that may help in supporting energy. Tea has less caffeine than espresso and might be more reasonable for an evening jolt of energy. To build the caffeine content, add more tea leaves and increment the soaking time.

  1. Supporting weight reduction

Studies showed that drinking dark tea day by day may help both in reducing weight and help get more fit.


lapsang souchong black tea has many health benefits for people to drink daily.Also it’s easy to brew with either Western-style or Eastern-style. So if you still not experienced with this black tea, just take a trial today.

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