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What Is Osmanthus & Health Benefits?

Osmanthus belongs to the osmanthus fragrans lour, which can be evergreen trees or shrubs. The pedicel is relatively thin and weak, and the filament is extremely short, and the flower is extremely fragrant; the fruit is skewed and generally elliptical, showing purple-black; the leaves are opposite, leathery, elliptical, long elliptical or elliptical lanceolate, with the apex gradually tapering, and the base gradually narrowing into a wedge shape or wide wedge shape. The florescence is from September to October, and the fruiting period is in March of the next year.

Osmanthus is one of the top ten famous flowers in China. As early as more than 2,000 years ago, China began to cultivate osmanthus. Pucheng, Fujian Province is one of the main producing areas of osmanthus. The growth of osmanthus requires a warm and humid climate, and there are certain requirements for the intensity of sunlight. Too strong sunlight and shade are not conducive to the normal growth of osmanthus. Usually, controlling the sunlight time to 6-8 hours is the best. Therefore, the growing area requires good hydrothermal conditions, appropriate precipitation, and the soil is mostly yellow-brown soil or yellow-brown soil, and the vegetation is mainly of the subtropical broad-leaved forest type. The main propagation techniques of osmanthus include asexual reproduction, cuttings, grafting, layering reproduction, etc.

Osmanthus can be used for phlegm, fluid retention, cough and asthma, etc. Osmanthus also has a certain role in removing bad breath. In addition to its medicinal value, osmanthus can also be processed into osmanthus wine and osmanthus cake for consumption. The osmanthus cake has a long history and is also called Chongyang cake. 

Q & A

Why is there osmanthus goshiki ?

The different colors of osmanthus (also called: osmanthus goshiki) are caused by sunlight and improper fertilization.

When osmanthus blooms, it likes an environment with very sufficient sunlight. If there is insufficient sunlight, it will lead to its flowers blooming with a lighter color, or even the situation of dropping flower buds or not having flower buds. Generally, it is necessary to shade it appropriately in summer, and give it full sunlight in autumn. As long as there are flower buds, the more sufficient the sunlight is, the longer the flowering time is, and the speed of flower opening will also increase.
Moreover, the color of the flowers that bloom will also deepen a lot, and the fragrance will also become stronger. If there is insufficient sunlight, the flowers may not bloom, and after blooming, the color will also become significantly lighter, or even have no fragrance.
The so-called improper fertilization does not mean that we use the fertilizer wrongly. In fact, during the process of our maintenance for one or two years, there is a lack of an element, a trace element, in the potting soil. The fertilizer that can promote plants to bloom more, have a darker color, and have a sufficient fragrance is a fertilizer of trace elements such as calcium and magnesium.
What does osmanthus smell like ?

The fragrance of osmanthus is refreshing and sweet in the refreshingness, refreshing and pleasant to the heart. Sometimes the fragrance is thick, like cream, like honey, making people want to taste it.

Does osmanthus tea have caffeine?

Osmanthus tea contains NO CAFFEINE and is very useful for people who give up caffeine. Today many people are replacing caffeine and other caffeinated beverages with non-caffeinated beverages. You can drink osmanthus tea before going to bed. It won’t wake you up. It actually has a mild sedative effect and can help you fall asleep faster.

Is osmanthus safe for pregnancy ?

It can be drunk in an appropriate amount. Suggested dosage: 250ml (about 1 cup) / day. During pregnancy, a light diet should be the main focus. Osmanthus tea is one of the main types of tea and belongs to scented tea. Usually, it can play the effects of supplementing nutrition, refreshing breath, and quenching thirst. Pregnant patients can generally drink osmanthus tea. Usually, it can supplement the nutrients needed by the body, and it can also enhance the physique. At the same time, it also has a refreshing taste and can also achieve the effect of quenching thirst.


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