How to choose the right glass teapot for blooming tea?

How to choose the right glass teapot for blooming tea?

Do you love the delicate flavor and fragrance of flowering tea? If so, you’ll need a teapot that’s perfect for brewing it. In this post, we’ll show you how to choose the right glass teapot for blooming tea. We’ll also share our top picks for the best teapots on the market. So, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced tea lover, read on to find out more!

How to choose the right glass teapot for blooming tea?

Why do we need a glass teapot?

Glass teapots are perfect for blooming tea because they don’t absorb any of the delicate flavors and fragrances during the brewing process. This means you’ll get pure, unadulterated flavor from your favorite blend. Glass teapots also retain heat beautifully so your tea won’t go cold as quickly as it does in a porcelain or stoneware container.

What type of glass is best for a blooming tea teapot?

For the best flavor and fragrance retention, always choose a hand-blown borosilicate glass teapot. Borosilicate glass is also known as lab glass and it’s three times stronger than normal window glass. It’s made by adding boron to the standard glass recipe of soda and lime.

How to choose the right glass teapot for blooming tea?

How to choose the right type of glass teapot for blooming tea?

Shape. There are two main types of glass teapots – the spout and handle design (shown above) and the handleless style (see below). For both styles, choose a pot that’s wrapped in fine mesh to help diffuse the flower petals as they expand during brewing. If you’re using blossoms that have a lot of fine down on the petals, such as chrysanthemums, choose a teapot with an ultra-fine mesh to stop any stray hairs from your blooms getting into the tea. However, this is not necessary for blossoms that don’t have any hair, such as magnolia or rose.

Color. If you’re brewing green or white tea, go for a clear glass so it doesn’t affect the appearance of your beverage. If you prefer to use a brown or black tea blend, choose a teapot that’s tinted slightly in order to maintain an attractive hue. You can also buy colored glass blooming teapots in blue, red, and purple.

Material. Modern borosilicate glass is very strong so you don’t need to worry about your teapot shattering when it comes into contact with boiling water. The one exception here is the handle – if the handle on your glass teapot gets hot, use a towel or oven mitts to move it as it will be hot to the touch.

Size. Ideally, you want a teapot that can brew up to 6-8 oz of tea. An 8 oz teapot will handle most blooming tea varieties with ease so it’s worth buying this size even if you don’t drink much tea at home.

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