What is the Shelf life of Baihao Silver Needle White Tea?

What is the Shelf life of Baihao Silver Needle White Tea

What is silver needle tea?

Silver needle tea is a type of white tea that is made in Fujian, China. It is considered to be one of the highest quality types of white teas available and is known for its delicate flavor and aroma. In China, also call it “Baihao Yinzhen” tea. This tea has a delicate flavor and aroma, which makes it one of the most highly prized white teas available. It has been described as having notes of honey, vanilla, and citrus fruit in its flavor profile.

The shelf life of a pekoe silver needle is 10-15 years. According to the current National Standard for White Tea, the storage of white tea also has clear provisions: “It should comply with the provisions of GB/T30375, and the product can be stored for a long time.” It can be seen that white tea is officially confirmed to be stored for a long time. As one of them, Baihao Silver Needle can also be stored for a long time. The current packaging standard is mostly 15 years, and the specific date also depends on the process Quality depends.

What is the Shelf life of Baihao Silver Needle

Major changes in different storage years of white tea

  1. Storage for several months. After being stored for several months, the new pekoe silver needle still has a strong refreshing taste, close to green tea, but it has a unique fragrance and sweet taste; At this time, you can try the following.
  2. Storage 3-5 years. The refreshing taste of the pekoe silver needle, which has been stored for 3-5 years, has faded, and the endoplasmic state is stable. At this time, it shows a sweet, mellow temperature and more nutrients have been transformed.What is the Shelf life of Baihao Silver Needle
  3. Storage 7-10 years. During the aging process of 7-10 years, the internal substances began to slowly enter a stable period. The tea is mild in nature, and tastes mellow, sweet, plump, and delicate, with obvious medicinal and jujube fragrances.What is the Shelf life of Baihao Silver Needle

Generally speaking, 3 years is the most suitable storage time; But for tea lovers, it is best to store it for 10 or 15 years. Of course, the premise is that it must be properly stored.

How to Store Baihao Silver Needle White Tea?

Baihao Silver Needle belongs to white tea, so its storage method is similar to that of white tea. However, the containers for storing pekoe silver needles should be cartons, kraft paper bags, sealed cans, etc. When storing, it is better to have two layers of inner packaging, uses plastic film and tinfoil paper to package tea, use a carton outside, and use adhesive tape to seal around the carton.

During storage, try not to open the package without special conditions. Air entering the tea will accelerate its oxidation. When storing, kraft paper bags are good helpers. The opened cake tea or more loose tea bags are enlarged, and the tea that can be drunk in a short period of time is put in small bags. Usually, try to avoid opening large bags. In addition, if you are in the South, it is better to pack it in a self-sealed bag, and then put it into a kraft paper bag to seal tightly, with double insurance.

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