The Best Time To Drink Green Tea Daily

Best Time To Drink Green Tea

Most people like to sip green tea before they go about their daily activities because of the numerous health values it provides. Apart from the health benefits green tea offers, it is a delicious vegetal and herbaceous product you should try soon. This content will enlighten you on the best time to drink green tea with practical reasons why you should add this beverage to your daily regimen.

The Best Time To Drink Green Tea Daily

Can I drink green tea in the morning?

According to research, green tea boosts alertness and energy, making it an option to start your day in the morning. However, some health experts advise against taking it on an empty stomach. Instead, ensure a snack or breakfast in the morning, then take your green tea after waiting for a few minutes. Scientific research proves that green tea helps to stimulate body metabolism, which helps to kick-start daily activities.

The caffeine quantity in green tea makes it an effective product you should consume before you start your day. If you plan to lose weight soon, the best time to consume your tea is before your morning workout but ensure to give it at least a few minutes before starting the exercise.

Is before or after a meal perfect for green tea?

More than 20% of tea drinkers worldwide prefer this tea because of its health content. It contains antioxidants, polyphenols, and other components which prevent teeth cavities, skin diseases and reduce inflammation.

When consuming green tea during mealtime, you might experience side effects. People that drink this product before or after a meal express that they witness iron blocking. In addition, if you have anemia, always drink it for two hours or more before and after a meal.

Are three hours before sleep suitable?

Green tea contains caffeine which makes it an effective afternoon tea. However, consuming it one or two hours before bedtime can disrupt your sleep or cause insomnia. Try to drink your team for three hours or more before resting to have the best experience.

Limit Consumption

As explained above, green tea contains a certain percentage of caffeine, so you need to be careful how much you consume daily. Professionals advise a maximum of three cups daily because the tea has diuretic properties that enhance the absorption of nutrients in the body.

Why you should drink green tea

Green tea is one of the most popular beverages worldwide. It serves as an alternative health benefit for different ailments as medical communities still have ongoing research on the item. When you pair green tea with a healthy diet and regular exercise, it reduces illnesses like type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

The Best Time To Drink Green Tea Daily

Boost weight loss

Researchers prove that green tea improves weight loss and exercise because it contains antioxidants like flavonoids, catechins, and polyphenols. Similarly, these properties help to burn fat and boost metabolism. In addition, the compound in the product increases the body’s internal temperature, thereby triggering gastric acid release, which burns body fat. Note that Caucasian descent might experience better results compared to Asians. However, the benefit this package provides as detox is the reason most individuals enjoy it.

Green tea is the perfect beverage for individuals looking for weight loss with zero flavors. Furthermore, it is an alternative to carbonated drinks, which makes you gain more pounds.

Boost Energy

The presence of caffeine and amino acids makes green tea an excellent alternative to boost energy and stimulate your brain during working hours. Similarly, it contains I-theanine which improves cognitive performance and stamina. In addition, a published report by a Nutrition and Neuroscience firm confirms the combination of caffeine and L-Theanine in green tea improves visual information processing and word recognition.

It protects the body against heart diseases

Thanks to the presence of tannins and polyphenols, you are at low risk of severe heart disease when you consume green tea regularly. Medical practitioners express that people should drink the item daily because it contains anti-inflammatory properties that improve blood circulation and reduce blood pressure. Proper blood flow within the body puts you at low risk of heart disease or blood clots.

Immune support

The presence of antibacterial properties in green tea protects the immune system and fends off microbes that can make you ill. Thus, a simple cup can soothe sickness symptoms like cough or sore throat. Green tea is one of the best remedies for flu or cold in China, Germany, and France. Furthermore, the antibacterial properties improve oral health.


Green tea is available in black and oolong variations as people love the drink because of its excellent flavor. In addition, its tannin properties make it more profound and more attractive than regular white tea. There are different types of green tea, some of which include; Matcha green tea and sencha green tea.

Matcha is a vegetal tea with a creamy texture, while the other is more floral and lighter. The catechins in green tea prevent bacteria growth in the mouth, thereby reducing lousy breath; consider drinking green tea today.

The disadvantages of excess green tea

  • Iron Absorption

When you consume green tea before or after a meal, it might inhibit the consumption of iron. In order not to experience this side effect, make sure you sip your drink at least 2/3 before or after the meal. The same principle applies to green tea supplements. Do not take the item while eating, and make sure you follow other guidelines on the bottle.

  • Caffeine sensitivity

Suppose your body is allergic to caffeine; avoid green tea because it contains many of these properties. In addition, people with a history of frequent stomach upset, nausea, and irritability should be mindful of how much tea they consume.

  • It can interact with medical prescriptions

If you just receive a drug or prescription, do not use the tea for better effectiveness. There is the presence of vitamin K and other minerals that interact with medications. Similarly, ensure to talk to a doctor if you experience any negative changes.


Green tea provides an excellent choice to make you relax during daily tasks. Similarly, it boosts alertness and energy. It’s sure that you are aware that the best time to drink green tea, but note that before you take green tea in the morning, ensure to grab a snack or breakfast to avoid complications.

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