Top 10 Famous Chinese Tea (6) Keemun Black Tea (祁门红茶)

Type: Black Tea

Origin: Qimen County, Anhui Province

Description: Fruity with hints of Pine

Varieties: Keemun Gongfu or Conggu, Keemun Mao Feng, Keemun Xin Ya, Keemun Hao Ya, Hubei Keemun

Keemun Tea or Qimen Hong Cha is a kind of black tea that originated in Qinmen County of Anhui Province. Relatively speaking, it has a short history of about 137 years. The Tea was first produced by a failed civil servant, Yu Quianchen, in 1875. Before that, there was only green tea in Anhui. When Keemun Tea was produced, the result exceeded Yu’s expectation that the tea even was popular in England. It gradually became an ingredient of breakfast tea in England.

The tea features it fruity, little pine, dried plum, and floweriness aroma. As it also tastes a hint of orchid fragrance, it is also called “Chinese tea sweetness”. These make the taste of the tea very distinctive and balanced. Depending on different varieties, the tea can be made more bitter or smokiness.

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