Top 10 Famous Chinese Tea (3) Biluochun Tea (Green Snail Spring 碧螺春)

Type: Green Tea
Origin: Dong Ting Mountain of Taihu, Jiangsu Province
Description: A green tea with a strong aroma.
Seven grades in decreasing order of quality: Supreme, Supreme Ⅰ, Grade Ⅰ, Grade Ⅱ, Grade Ⅲ, Chao Qing Ⅰ, and Chao Qing Ⅱ.

Biluochun, a famous Chinese green tea, is grown in Dong Ting Mountain of Taihu in Jiangsu Province. The tea is also known as Pi Lo Chun. As it is a kind of green tea rolling into a tight spiral that looks like snail meat and is cropped in early spring, its English name is “Green Snail Spring”.

The tea is featured by its exquisite appearance, floral aroma, showy white hairs, and early cropping. It is said that it was discovered by a girl tea picker. The girl put the tea between her breasts instead of putting it in her basket. And the tea warmed her body heat and emitted a floral aroma.

Biluochun tea in Dong Shan in Dong Ting of Jiangsu Province is considered the best. And the tea is also cultivated in Sichuan and Zhejiang Provinces. In these provinces, the leaves are larger and may contain some yellow leaves. Teas here taste nuttier and smoother.

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