Yellow Tea Review: Understanding its characteristics and types

Yellow tea-Understanding its characteristics and types

Yellow tea is a lightly fermented tea, one of the six tea categories. During its production, green is killed, rolled, dull yellow is applied, and it is finally dried. Due to its “stuffy yellow” technology, it has the “three yellows” quality of dry yellow tea, golden tea, apricot yellow soup color, and tender yellow leaf bottoms. This article fully reviews each type of Yellow tea and its characteristics.

Yellow tea varieties include Junshan Yinzhen, Mengding Huangya, Huoshan Huangya, and Junshan Yinzhen.

Yellow tea- Understanding its characteristics and types

 Classification of Yellow Tea

Depending on the old and tender degree of fresh leaves, the size of leaves, and the head of buds, yellow tea can be categorized as Huangda Tea, Huangxiao Tea, or Huangya Tea.

1. Huangda Tea

To make it, you need to pick the coarse leaves from one bud, three leaves, four leaves, and five leaves.

Yellow tea- Understanding its characteristics and types

Huangda tea is made in West Anhui, a Yingshan tea is made in Hubei, Guangdong, and Sichuan.

These are the main brands of huangda tea:

Among these are Huoshan huangda tea (Wanxi huangda tea), Haima palace tea, and Guangdong Daye green tea.

2. Huangxiao Tea

Picking one bud, one leaf, and two leaves is the process of making this tea.

In Hunan, Ningxiang yellow tea is produced, Yuanan yellow tea is produced in Hubei Province, and Pingyang yellow tea is produced in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province. 

Yellow tea- Understanding its characteristics and types

There is a “Beigang Maojian” in Yueyang, Hunan, a “Sheshan Maojian” in Ningxiang, Hunan, a “Yuan’an Luyuan” in Yichang, Hubei Province, a “Wanxi yellow tea” in Anhui Province, a “Wenzhou huangtang” in Zhejiang Province, a “Zigui yellow tea” in Hubei Province, and a “Ya’an” in Sichuan.

3. Huangya Tea

The plant is harvested by picking the spores from one bud and one leaf, or by picking spores from the bud head.

The Hunan Yueyang Huangya tea, the Sichuan Ya’an mengdingshan Huangya tea, and the Anwei Huoshan Huangya tea are all excellent Huangya teas.

Yellow tea- Understanding its characteristics and types

Main brands of Huangya tea:

Among them are “Junshan silver needle” in Yueyang, Hunan, “Mengding yellow bud” in Ya’an, Sichuan, and “Huoshan yellow bud” in Anhui.

Characteristics of Yellow Tea

1. “West Anhui yellow tea”

Large and wide, big branches and leaves, long leaves, long leaves, connected stems and stems, shaped like a fish hook, golden brown stems, and leaves, bright color, golden oil.

The aroma is strong and fragrant (also known as Guoba) with a strong taste.

Color of soup: dark yellow to brown, extremely foam-resistant.

The taste is rich, mellow, and tender with a strong “burnt aroma”.

Bottom of leaf: yellow in brown, yellowish green, soft and thick.

Yellow tea- Understanding its characteristics and types

2. “Yuan’an Luyuan” yellow tea in Yichang, Hubei Province

The knot is tight, ring-shaped, covered with white hair, and has the color and luster of grain butter.

The aroma of orchid grass is strong and lasting.

Color of soup: Orange transparent.

The taste is mellow and sweet, refreshing and sweet.

The bottom of the leaf is yellow, bright, tender, and pure.

3. “Junshan Yinzhen” Huangya tea in Yueyang, Hunan Province

This tea has a plump and compact head, straight and even, golden yellow color. The inner surface is golden yellow and the outer layer is densely packed with pekoe. It resembles a silver needle and is called “gold inlaid jade”.

Yellow tea- Understanding its characteristics and types

It has a fresh, high aroma.

The soup is orange-yellow and crystal clear in color.

The taste is sweet and mellow.

Leaf bottom: plump, tender, yellow, and bright.

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